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  1. Stephen
  2. General, Sales & Billing
  3. Monday, 31 July 2017
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I have just installed the ad agency lite. I have one advertiser, one campaign with two ads running on one zone. The ads are similar to one another. I am trying to stop the looping of the animated .gif ads so that one ad does not blind in with the other without some type of refresh or visitor going to another page seeing the second ad, perhaps on that visit to the second ad.
In other words, i am trying to set up each animated .gif ad so that only that one banner ad displays on that page visited and that the other ad does not display at all unless there is a page refresh or unless a visitor goes to another page to see new content.
Your help is appreciated.
Michal Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
HI, Stephen.

Thank you for contacting us.
AdAgency do not control gif animation in any way. Ads are changed/replaced after each refresh, depending your settings. I don't see any use of using animated gifs to keep displaying certain ad. You can't predict how long user will stay on the page, right? So why don't use default - ads changed after refresh.
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  2. General, Sales & Billing
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