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  3. Saturday, 13 January 2018
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So 3 days ago i was excited to purchase the Ad Agency Pro.
Got it all installed with no error.
Went to the back end to set it up great.

Now here's the problems, and i say problems more than one.

When I enable the Ad Agency Module, it throws the site off.
When enable once a user login they can not post any thing on the site because the status box it gone .(pic 1).

Pic 2 shows what i am referring to..

Pic 3 shows the model i'm talking about.

Now Also when this is enable here's something else it do, that don't work when enable..

When a user goes to the gallery and they try to click on a picture to view it, it will non open up. It just sits there and do nothing so cant view a photo. pic4

Now you will have to go in and enable the Ad Agency module to see theses problems, we can not leave the site when no one is able to post in there status...

Now I have try to explain the pest i can..
I have been reaching out to your staff for the longest.

When we were using the Ad Agency Lite version you got right back to us and stated we needed the Pro version the new social. Now we have purchase all of this not working and we can not get any help...

Could someone please address this . We are a growing site and having these kind of errors is bad for the site..

Kindly Regards,
T Mason
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Alin Dinca Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

I try to connect to the website admin but I can't:
Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet."
Can you please check?
Also, please check FTP, I can't connect there too. Seem like password is not good.

You can also try to go in AdAgency settings in admin Settings - General - jQuery JavaScript Library and disable them on both front and backend and try to see if that fixed the error.

Thank you.
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