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  1. Stephen
  2. Guru
  3. Tuesday, 10 October 2017
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I found this issue in version 5.0.10

The system shows that a student has completed a course on the administrator pages (and on the dashboard) even though the course was not completed by the student.

For example, we have a course with 6 quizzes and set the certificate term to "Finish all lessons and pass quizzes in an average of:" 70%. If the student does not pass a quiz, they can still move on to the next module/lesson.

I was looking at the progress (on the administrator pages) of one student, who only took a couple of the quizzes, yet the back-end shows that they "Completed" the course. In addition, on the dashboard, it shows that a certificate was issued to the student, and I also received an email saying that they had completed the course.

I signed up for the course, and went through the course but skipped actually submitting the quizzes. (Just kept pressing "Next" on the course modal.) After doing that, I checked and the status did NOT show as being complete with the course. So, I went back to the course and took/passed 1 of the 6 quizzes. When I went back to the administrator back end, on the dashboard, it shows that a certificate had been issued and when I looked at the student's (my) progress it shows that the course was complete.

From the front end, when I go to My Certificates, it shows that I am NOT eligible to get a certificate at this time because I did not pass all of the quizzes. This is CORRECT.

It looks like the code is correct in the mycertificates.php code, but from the back-end it is not doing the full checks. In fact, it looks like the code only checks that the student viewed all lessons and then returns "True" from the courseCompleted function in guruprogram.php (called from studentsenrolled.php). There is a section in the mycertificates.php code, starting on line 324, that makes the complete check for all of the requirements for generating the certificate. Can this code be used/modified to be used in the courseCompleted function in guruprogram.php?

I have added a couple of attachments showing the front-end (student view) and the back-end view.

This is very unsettling getting information that a certificate has been issued when the student has NOT completed all of the required steps. Fortunately, it doesn't look like the actual certificate is being issued.

Also, is there a report or way to see what certificates HAVE been issued to students? Again, we are using version 5.0.10 and I'm not sure if this has been corrected in later versions of the code.

Please let me know. This is critical for us.
mycertificates page.png
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