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Resolved Found a bug

GURU Active AdAgency Expired
  1. Kevin Morrison
  2. Guru
  3. Wednesday, 26 July 2017
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In Chrome at least (did not test any other browsers), I found that when creating a quiz the first question does not save, or rather it does not show when it is saved (will explain further down). I found if I create the quiz, giving it a name and filling out the general info and saving sometimes it will save. When I create it the second time everything is fine and the rest of the questions save fine.

When I said it does not save I mean it does not save in that quiz but when I create the next quiz as soon as the page loads the question that did not save in the quiz I just finished it shows up there. Regardless I have to delete it and again the first question does not save.

Now this is odd because once I get to around the third quiz I am setting up it starts saving as expected and there are no further issues with the first question not saving. Maybe a cache issue. no clue but I can give you super admin access if you cannot recreate the problem on your end and you can see if it happens to you on my site.
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