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Resolved Guru Tabs and Sale Page Description

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  1. Jamie
  2. Guru
  3. Wednesday, 27 September 2017
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Back in 2016 or earlier, the iJoomla/Guru team helped me locate the code for the Guru tabs so I could alter them and make it so the course description was the default rather than the course contents. It was important that my marketing and sales description was the first thing seen. With each new version of Guru, I would manually go in and reupdate that. The latest changes have apparently changed the location and I can't find where to fix it. Here's the notes I had from the past:

components/com_guru/views/guruprograms/tmpl/tabs.php on <div id="tab2" style="display:none;">, move it above <div id="tab1" style="display:block;"> and change display from none to block on that div and in div id="tab1" put it none;

NOTE: 9/4/16 (and 10/29/16): What I ended up doing was simply changing “none” to “block” and visa versa. That seemed to be the easiest work around for the latest version. Moving things around caused undesirable results.


I am not a coder so the code and how to change it was originally given to me by iJoomla. I need to know where to find the code, what to change when I find it.

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