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Resolved Guru: Trouble attaching Media to a Lesson

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  1. Gerald
  2. Guru
  3. Wednesday, 07 March 2018
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I am working with Guru, and I am having issues getting media to properly attach to lessons. I have tried adding media first, then while selecting media only iJoomla media is able to be attached. Same when I add media when adding lessons. You just get stuck in the “Click on Media to Select it!” dialog box. Media will preview in the Media Library window.

I set this as low priority because I have a workaround: I copied and inserted iJoomla records into the media database table. Then I modified the records as needed directly in the database. For this I had to download YouTube videos and then upload them to Vimeo.

I hope you can look at this so that I could attach media to lessons through the frontend (the workaround is a pain!). Other than that great system! Thanks, Gerald

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