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Resolved How to fix Publisher Problems

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  1. Eugene
  2. Publisher
  3. Thursday, 27 July 2017
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Describe Problem:
when I create and publish a new article, the content in the article is duplicated.

when I use the embed code to insert a video and have to make any edits to the content, I have to insert the embed code in again or it will not appear in the article when viewed from the home page. I have to go back into publisher and re-insert it in order for it to be there

when I attach media to an article from the media tab and indicate I want it to show in the intro, or the alignment, etc it does not appear in the article. I have to add media in the source article for it to show in the articles

How can I create sidebars since this feature is not available with my version of Joomla

browser: Google Chrome

Result: the issues as described above

Desire result:
he content is not duplicated when published

I am able to embed the code and it stays there - even if I have to edit the source document

I can attach media in according to the options available in the media tab

I can create sidebars to feature sections, video, highlights, etc

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