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Resolved How to take a course more than once?

GURU Active
  1. Evan
  2. Guru
  3. Thursday, 27 July 2017
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I had asked this previously but can't seem to find the post.

I am a long time Guru customer. There is one major issue that I have is with the Expiration of courses.
I have certain courses that people have to take more than once. For example every 4 years they need to "recertify" by taking the course again, taking the final exam again and getting a new certificate with the new date.

Unfortunately even though I can expire a course, when the user buys it again, they are brought back to the same position they were. So if they completed the course already, they are not able to take the course, or exam and get a new certificate.

The only solution I have is to manually delete the records from the tables in the database so it appears as if the user has never taken the course before.

I'd really like a supported solution for this so I can continue to upgrade to new releases.

Please advise!
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