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  1. Rod
  2. Guru
  3. Thursday, 09 November 2017
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I see this and similar questions have been raised before and that Development has been tasked but so far no improvement has been included in the latest Guru versions.

We need to provide reports to our customers showing progress of the students taking our courses, therefore I need to Export all the data from the display shown when selecting COURSES and clicking # Students


The page displayed shows the following columns.

ID, Student Name, Username, Progress, Last Visit, Quizzes Results

Can you provide me with a suitable SQL query so that I can produce the same output via the Joomla add on "ARI DATA TABLES" which can be adjusted to give a suitable PDF or CSV export of the data.I have used this elsewhere in Joomla to display data from the Joomla Database.

I have tried unsuccessfully to work this out from the Guru code so would be obliged if you can share this with me.

Thank you and regards

on behalf of Rod.

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