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  1. Roger
  2. Guru
  3. Thursday, 25 January 2018
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I'm working on a course that will have several dozen quizzes.

Some of them have 10 different questions based on media, each question with 20 possible answers.

For example, question 1: What color is this? (you are shown a color) Possible answers: Red, Blue, Green, etc. Let's say Blue is the correct answer.

The next question is the same, but just changing the media (to a different color). Of course the 20 possible answers are the same, except now the correct answer will be for example Red.

With the current workflow, I'd have to retype the same 20 possible answers every time, and multiply that for 30 different quizzes... it is extremely repetitive and time consuming.

It would be much more efficient to be able to duplicate questions. You just create the first question with the 20 possible answers, and from there, you just duplicate the question, and then change the media and the correct answer.

Please, could this be implemented in the near future?

Thank you very much.


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