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Resolved Promo code question

GURU Active
  1. Stephen
  2. Guru
  3. Thursday, 08 March 2018
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Good afternoon,

Using version 5.0.10 in production.

How can I make a promo code give a discount on the total purchase rather than for specific courses?

For example, if I create a promo code for $20 off and don't select any courses to apply this promo code - the promo code takes $20 off every course that the customer purchases. So, if they purchase 5 courses, the promo code value is $100 for that order.

If I select 2 courses when creating the promo code, that same promo code from above takes $20 off each of those courses. So, if the user picks both of the courses that I selected, I'm giving them $40 off ($20 for each course).

What I would like to do is give them a set amount off of their entire order. Say, create a promo code for $40 and let the customer choose whatever course(s) they want. When they check out, the discount is applied to the total amount (always $40) regardless of the number of courses they choose to purchase. For example, if they want to buy 5 courses at $50 each their total is
(5 courses * 50 per course) - 40 discount = $210. As it stands now, the price is calculated as
5 courses * (50 per course - 40 discount) = $50

I don't want to create separate promo codes and apply them to each course (say 5 $10 promo codes), because I want to let them choose which courses to take. They can take 1, 2, 10+ courses, but they are getting a certain, fixed amount off of their total bill.

What is the best way to do this?

Please let me know if you need more information.

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