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  1. Kevin Morrison
  2. Guru
  3. Thursday, 11 January 2018
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I created the course that I will use to get access to all the courses, I set all the courses to be free if the course was purchased and did all the little things to get it setup. I took my user and added the course to the account but I am not getting access to all the courses. What did I miss, is there some tutorial on how this should be setup that I can view?

I set you up with a super user account if you want to login and take a look at what I did. Would appreciate if you can take a peek and tell me what I did wrong. In short I created a course called 1 Year Complete Course Library and set all the other courses to be free if this one is purchased. Also in the notes of the secure area I gave you my fake user name and password that I use on the frontend to see that it is not working.
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