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Resolved Weirdness that should not Exist!

GURU Active AdAgency Expired
  1. Kevin Morrison
  2. Guru
  3. Wednesday, 16 August 2017
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I am having this issue with setting up students and it should not be happening.

So here is the deal, when I go into the Students>Manage Students and I try and click on New Student>Existing User. I have to enter their user name. That in and of itself is a head shaker and I should have access to the user list to just choose the one I want instead of first having to go and find what that is.

When I select the user one weird thing is if I just hit enter on the keyboard which is the logical progression it cancels the operation and goes to the students list. I have to click the Next button at the top to continue. The next weirdness happens after I click the Next button and I am taken to the student account details. For some odd reason even though the user exists Guru is not smart enough to know to get that users name. U suppose since it is formated to first and last name instead of just name which is the default Joomla way. So now not only do I need to have already known the user name I also need to know their first and last name?

This is wrong and should not work this way and it begs to question why it is so convoluted?
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